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METAL MEN ARE Milwaukee's METAL band.

We like to ROCK and we prefer to bring it on HARD!!

If you'd like to see some REAL metal, give us a try.

We hope you continue to join us in ROCKIN' the house as we take on

the best of 80's and 90's HARD ROCK and METAL.

We're havin' a gas so far this year and hope you stay on for the ride!

Check out the SCHEDULE page for more details.


REVIEW: BY Brian Barney

Shepard Express April 3, 2003

If your taste in music requires a dash of nuts and bolts along with a side of ripsaw blade, Milwaukee's Metal-Men are serving up supper. Revisiting an era seemingly long gone, they have managed to resurrect some of the finest tunage rock 'n' roll has ever forgotten, covering groups from AC/DC to Iron Maiden.

Former frequenters of clubs like TA Verns and the Haven have been flocking to witness the all-out onslaught these guys refer to as a "show." Dean Arndt (guitar), Mike Lelo (bass) and Billy Wendt (drums) take care of business musically, re-creating metal nuggets with precision and intensity. The highlight of their show, however, is the performance of front-man Darrell Radke, whose on-stage antics and incredible vocal range create an arena-like atmosphere in any size club. Radke is well known for his between song banter, where he is likely to slip into an eerily life-like impression of Barney Fife, or belt out an a cappella version of "Feelings." Zip up your leather and slip on those aviators for a night of ass-kicking rock

If you wish to contact METAL MEN, get on our mailing list or give us some feedback, please email us by clicking on the "Mail The Men" button or by clicking here METAL MEN. Continue to check our schedule to see when YOUR town will be invaded. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support and continue to ask for us!!